Good communications are built on a solid foundation

Two of the most important pieces of content you’ll write for your business are your elevator pitch and the text on your homepage. I think of them as foundational elements, from which the rest of what you say and write grows. So it’s really important that you get them right.

Nailing your elevator pitch will allow you to speak – and write – clearly and confidently about your business no matter where you are, who you’re talking to, or what you’re writing.

As for your website homepage copy, here’s why it’s important: people will decide what they think of you – and whether or not to stick around and learn more – in a matter of seconds. You have a few sentences to connect with them and show them that you understand their need and can help. If those words resonate, they’ll click through. If they don’t, they’ll bounce. This copy is about you, but also designed to recognize and reflect your ideal customer’s need. We want them to say a relieved ‘YES – she gets it’ in their heads when they arrive at your homepage, and click through for more. 

Unfortunately, I find these two elements to be the ones that small business owners struggle with the most. So I’ve created a package to address it. It’s called the ‘Solid Foundation’ package – there are no frills or extras and, at $110, it offers serious bang-for-the-buck.

So if you’re having trouble with your elevator pitch or homepage copy, you know where to find me. Also, consultations are always free – we can chat about your needs and take it from there.

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