The ultimate source for FREE stock photos

Oh stock photography. A necessary evil for many of us #smallbiz folk, wouldn’t you say? I’ve spent several dollars on images over the years – but not anymore.

That’s because I recently came across a game-changer of a resource: Librestock. It isn’t just a free stock image site; it’s a spot where you can (super-easily) search ALL the free stock image sites on the web – in one place. I know. Game. Changer.

Click the image below to access the site. Bookmark it. Use it!

While we’re on the subject of photos, I always advocate that more = better. In addition to helping break up content, they are a great way to add visual interest and context.

Original photos (of you, ideally!) are ALWAYS best but stock photos are a-ok too – just make sure they’re relevant and don’t SCREAM stock. You know what I’m talking about — those cheesy shots of happy business people around a boardroom table, or posey-posey fitness shots. Luckily, there’s lots of good stuff out there these days,  that’s creative and stylish and totally worth the real estate on your site.

Final word of advice: use photos with permission only. Never ever grab an image from Google. If you use a for-purchase photo without permission (even if it’s by accident), there’s a good chance you’ll be served with a hefty bill (we’re talking thousands of dollars). Downloading legitimately from a free site is a-ok, and – of course – paying works too.