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The ultimate source for FREE stock photos

  Oh stock photography. A necessary evil for many of us #smallbiz folk, wouldn’t you say? I’ve spent several dollars on images over the years – but not anymore. That’s because I recently came across a game-changer of a resource: Librestock. It isn’t just a free stock image site; it’s a spot where you can […]

Join me, will ya? 

  What are you up to on June 28? I hope you’re free at 1:30pm ET because I’m hosting my first live solo webinar and I’d be delighted to have you there. TIPS, TRICKS AND TECHNIQUES FOR BETTER SMALL BIZ WRITING is taking place at 1:30pm ET. There’s no sales pitch whatsoever – just a […]

Eeek! I made a video (with a useful tip inside!)

  Guys. I am NOT a video person. In fact, I find being in front of a camera quite uncomfortable. Buuuut I’m going to have to get over that, because I’m almost ready to start recording videos for my course, and have some webinars scheduled for the lead-up.I thought a good way of doing that […]

A quick little tip to keep your words customer-focused

  I’ve talked about the importance of making sure your small biz writing is customer-focused. But it’s on my mind now (even more than usual) because I’m working on the module of my course that will dive deep into this topic. I’ve got a simple gem of a tip in there that I wanted to […]