If you’re reading this, I’m guessing you have a small business and do/sell pretty awesome things. I’m also guessing that – if you’re like the vast majority of entrepreneurs – you’re having trouble translating your voice and story into words on a page (or screen).

If this rings true, you’re in exactly the right place, my friend. I’m Janet Nielsen, a seasoned communications pro here to help you find your voice, tell your story and translate the details of your business into clear and authentic words that reach, connect with and convert the right people.

After graduating with a degree in Communications, I spent a decade developing strategy and written materials for some of Canada’s largest corporations. In that time I got really good at assessing my audience and their informational needs/wants, sorting through a ton of (usually very complicated) information, and presenting the relevant details in an engaging and interesting way.

Which, at the root of it, is pretty much what I do for small businesses today. (Except the subject matter is considerably more interesting and high heels are no longer involved. Thank goodness.)

I left the corporate world (and the high heels) behind after becoming a mom in 2011, and haven’t looked back. Running this business allows me to do the work I love, connect on a human level with other (awesome) entrepreneurs, and spend more time with my school-aged kids, Grant and Julia.

Although I’ve worked with several large companies in a freelance capacity, I now work exclusively with entrepreneurs and small business leaders. I zeroed in on this niche because I saw an unmet need in the marketplace and, most importantly, I find it so, SO rewarding. To me, each project is an opportunity to help someone build, or grow, their dream. And, in my world, it doesn’t get better than that.

If you need help with your website, a landing page or another large project, please feel free to book a free consultation to talk it through. If you’re more DIY-inclined, click here to grab a seat in Master Your Message, my free (&fun!) copywritng workshop for entrepreneurs, or here to see how my flagship course, Copy That Connects, can help you become a confident and competent writer for your biz.