Recipe share! Janet’s famous breakfast cookies πŸͺ

Is #foodfriday a thing? Either way, I’m taking a break from regularly scheduled programming to share my first-ever (and very likely only-ever!) recipe. Please allow me to introduce you to my famous breakfast cookies – aka the most convenient recipe ever. These are nutrient-dense, delicious and keep for days. I make a big batch of […]

Start the caaaar! (End-of-year tune-up special)

Start the caaaar!That phrase is an almost-universal signal for a good deal around these parts, thanks to an Ikea ad that ran several years ago. (If you’re wondering what the heck I’m talking about, here’s a link to the full commercial for your viewing pleasure πŸ˜‰ We’re talking about it today because for a limited […]

Lessons from a wild ride 🎒

You guys. It’s been a WHILE. With 50 days left to go in 2019, I figured it was high time to re-connect and bring you up to speed on the what’s been going on over here. Ready? (With a β˜•οΈ in hand, perhaps?) Here we go. I started 2019 with the goal of expanding my […]

My #1 copy rule

There are three key ingredients that work together to create copy that connects (and converts). While all of them are important, there is one that trumps the rest, making it my #1 copy ‘rule’ – and top priority when I create copy for my clients. That oh-so-important thing is CLARITY. (To discover the other two, […]

Introducing the REAL me

I talk a lot about authentic writing around here because authenticity is hugely important if you want to create connection with your reader through your words.   Which – spoiler alert – YOU DO because a feeling of connection is what makes someone want to read more, get to know you, and become a loyal […]

How to avoid the ‘editing rabbit hole’ when you write for your biz

Last week in the Entrepreneurs’ Writing Lounge we talked about how the pursuit of perfection can kill your writing (not to mention your time). The fact is, writing can be particularity difficult for perfectionists because there’s no one right answer you’re working towards (this ain’t math, after all). This makes it all too easy to […]