If in doubt, cut it out

One of the biggest shifts I see when I teach entrepreneursthe small biz writing ropes is the a-ha moment that comes when they realize they’ve been writing for the wrong person all along – themselves instead of their customer. When it comes to writing for their business, most entrepreneurs get SO caught up in what […]

SMALL BIZ BLOGGING 101: a painless process

{Psst: this is the third installment of a three-part blogging series. Read part one, focused on format & frequency here, or part two, focused on what (the heck) to write about, here. And then dive-on-in below! And THEN, grab this consolidated PDF guide which includes ALL OF IT for future reference.} One of the biggest […]


{This is installment #2 of my small biz blogging 1o1 intensive primer. You can catch part one, focused on format and frequency, here, and part three, focused on process here. I’ve also created a consolidated PDF guide which includes all this info in PDF form for future reference – grab it here!} This series of […]


Oh, blogging. We all know we should be doing it for our businesses, but for so many of us (yes, including me) the struggle is real. It can be hard to carve out – or justify spending – the time when there are a million other things that need to get done. Then there’s the challenge […]

Do it for your future self

Every Wednesday after I drop my kids off at school, I drag myself to yoga. Morning yoga might sound relaxing but this isn’t the lying-around-and-stretching type of yoga. It’s hot, fast, and challenging. I always feel good when it’s over but I still find myself tempted to ditch it and head back to my cozy […]

How (& why) to share the you-know-what out of your content

Do you have a blog? If so, you likely spending a good chunk of time writing your posts every month – if not every week. My question to you is this: are you doing everything you can to make sure that time and effort is paying off? Or are you one of the (many) entrepreneurs […]