How to create a great ‘About’ page

  Your ‘About’ page is likely one of the most frequently visited pages on your website. But is it working for you – or against you? Unless you’re in the minority, it’s probably the latter.Almost every single one of my web copy clients have highlighted their ‘About’ page as a key area for improvement. Why? […]

How (and why) to start a blog for your small business

Many entrepreneurs find the thought of starting a blog overwhelming – and I totally get that. You already wear many hats and have a to-do list a mile long. But I’m here to tell you that investing time and/or resources in a blog is not as hard as it may seem – and will pay […]

3 words to eliminate from your writing

  By now you may have seen the article circulating on social mediaabout the one word that can damage your credibility. If you haven’t, take a moment and give it a read – especially if you’re a woman.Full disclosure: I catch myself using the word just all the time, both verbally and in my writing. […]

8 (impressive!) facts about Canadian small businesses

  When you work for – or run – a small business, it can sometimes feel like you’re in the minority. Not true! In honour of Canada Day, I dug up some facts about CANADIAN small businesses and their owners – and the numbers might surprise you. For example: There are more than one million […]

A new leaf

  For a long time, I’ve been like the cobbler whose children had no shoes. I write for other businesses and extol the virtues of content marketing to anyone who will listen… but I’ve never written a blog for my own business. Until today!Today marks a new leaf for my little consulting business – one […]