A super simple trick to make people want to start – and continue – reading your copy

You can’t woo someone with your words if they don’t read them.

Which is why it’s so important that your copy – whether it’s on your site, in an email, or a blog post – is visually appealing and doesn’t overwhelm your reader.

Big blocks of nothing-but-text are incredibly hard to read – especially online. So the single best thing you can do to make people want to start – and continue – reading your words is to break things up – and include LOTS of white space.

How do we do this?

Step 1: Break up those paragraphs! Three to four lines – five at the very most. This one simple thing will drastically increase the chances your dream customers will start – and continue – reading.

Step 2: Add structure in the form of bullets, lists, and sub-heads (like I have in this post). Use these tools as often as you can to break things up further. In addition to increasing your white-space, doing this helps skimmers (there are a lot of them out there!) get through your message and glean your most important points.

Step 3: Sprinkle images throughout. In addition to breaking things up even further, it also adds additional context and visual interest that will keep your readers engaged.

This is one of those simple and easy tricks that can pay off big-time. If you have a high bounce rate on certain pages of your site, think about how you can add some white space and see if it makes a difference. (Spoiler alert: it will.)

And finally, don’t worry about this when you write; add in the white space when you edit!