The no-fail secret formula for creating content that connects & and converts


​The vast majority of (the hundreds of!) entrepreneurs I’ve worked with over the years have struggled with the task of writing for their business.

It’s a rude awakening for many – you likely got into business because you want to share your gift/awesome product with the world… not because you want to write an  endless stream of newsletters, blog posts, website copy, social media updates.

It doesn’t help matters that most of us learned to write at school or in a corporate setting – because very few of those principles and best practices apply here, unfortunately. (Corporate and academic writing is often overcomplicated and void of personality; two things you want in your small business writing.)

Luckily, it’s absolutely possible to learn how to quickly and easily create amazing content that connects with your customer – and I’d be delighted to show you the way.

I often say that writing isn’t math; there isn’t one ‘right’ answer to this. But there is a #formulaforthat – and it’s yours for the taking in my free downloadable guide.

Grab it to discover – and learn how to implement – the three things your copy needs to be/have in order to create a super strong connection with your customers that makes them want to learn more, get to know you, and pick up what you’re puttin’ down – whether you run a seven-figure consultancy or sell popsicles at the farmer’s market.

These are super practical tips that anyone (yes, even you!) can start using right away to grow your business. So. What are you waiting for? Grab the guide here and let’s get to it!