Recipe share! Janet’s famous breakfast cookies 🍪

Is #foodfriday a thing? Either way, I’m taking a break from regularly scheduled programming to share my first-ever (and very likely only-ever!) recipe. Please allow me to introduce you to my famous breakfast cookies – aka the most convenient recipe ever. These are nutrient-dense, delicious and keep for days. I make a big batch of […]

Introducing the REAL me

I talk a lot about authentic writing around here because authenticity is hugely important if you want to create connection with your reader through your words.   Which – spoiler alert – YOU DO because a feeling of connection is what makes someone want to read more, get to know you, and become a loyal […]

If in doubt, cut it out

  One of the biggest shifts I see when I teach entrepreneurs the small biz writing ropes is the a-ha moment that comes when they realize they’ve been writing for the wrong person all along – themselves instead of their customer. When it comes to writing for their business, most entrepreneurs get SO caught up […]