Every entrepreneur has a story and a unique voice. My job is to find yours and use it to create clear, authentic and compelling copy that connects with your dream customer so you can grow your business.

My main ‘gig’ in the done-for-you space is web copy – and for good reason. Nailing your site content should be entrepreneurial priority numero uno. Once you do that, you’ll have key messages to draw from for countless other things – and feel confident driving traffic to your virtual storefront (#gamechanger).

That said, I also write landing pages and sales funnel copy, and offer a-la-carte packages for other things (like print material and social media copywriting support).

My standard packages are below, but customization is sometimes necessary/always possible. Click the box that best corresponds with your need to learn more – or feel free to set up a free consult and we can talk it through together.

If even one of these statements ring true, a done-for-you package is likely the solution you need:

>> You find writing to be stressful and/or a total pain <<

>> You’d rather spend your time in your ‘zone of genius’ instead of staring at a screen <<

>> You’re short on time <<

>> You want to nail it the first time <<

>> You’re over – or not interested in – the DIY route <<    

>> You came here to hire a writer! <<

The process

Kick-off: Regardless of what you hire me to write for you, we will start by sitting down for a lengthy chat where I’ll about you, your business, and your customer. I do this to gather the info I need – but even more importantly to get a feel for you and your voice so I can channel that into your copy.

Delivery: You will receive the first draft of your copy within two weeks of our kick-off meeting (unless we’ve agreed upon other arrangements)

Home stretch: Once you’ve reviewed, we work together to tweak and fine-tune until you feel it’s perfect (usually this takes two to three rounds of revisions).

All-in, the average project takes about a month, but depends heavily on you and how fast you can provide feedback.

If you’d like to learn about the other ways I can help, click here for strategic advice or here for DIY solutions. If your mind is spinning and you need help figuring it all out, click here and we can hop on a call to sort it out!