How (& why) to share the you-know-what out of your content


Do you have a blog? If so, you likely spending a good chunk of time writing your posts every month – if not every week.

My question to you is this: are you doing everything you can to make sure that time and effort is paying off? Or are you one of the (many) entrepreneurs guilty of pulling the old ‘post-share once-forget about it’ move?

If so, you’re missing a super-important part of the process.  Because – at the risk of stating the obvious – for that content to do your biz any good, people need to see it.

So today my challenge to you is to commit to sharing the heck out of each and every post you write.

What does that mean? A wise entrepreneur (and friend and mentor) recently advised me to aim for at least 12 shares per post. That sounds like a lot, right? But it’s totally doable – if you have a plan and break it down.

To help you along, here are five suggestions for how to get to that magical number 12:

Five tips for how to share your blog content 12 times:

  1. Share on all your social media outposts. This one is obvious, but I’m saying it because some of you aren’t doing this. Post it everywhere you have a presence: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinedIn, Google+ – wherever it makes sense.
  2. Re-post where appropriate. The lifespan for a social media post is ridiculously short. Hours on Facebook and just minutes on Twitter. Posting multiple times (within reason) can dramatically increase the chances that your dream customers see your posts – and click through to read.
  3. Use your post as the basis of an e-newsletter. Either share the content directly, or include part of your post with a link to your site for the full thing.
  4. Can you create a nice-looking visual with a quote or a tip from your post? If so, share THAT on all your outposts, with a link to your blog for more information. People LOVE visuals.
  5. Think video. Can you go live on Facebook and ‘tease’ your post? Videos get tons of attention and are a great way to increase your ‘know-like-trust’ factor while sharing valuable info.

See? Not as hard as it seemed originally right? The bottom line is this: if you’re going to the trouble of creating great content, follow through and share it. Because if nobody sees your words of wisdom, they’re not serving you – or your business – to its full potential, no matter how good it is.

Your homework: write those posts and SHARE them! I’m going to create a weekly thread in my Facebook group, the Entrepreneurs Writing Lounge where you can share your posts (this counts totally counts towards your 12!). So if you’re not a member, hop on over and join us would ya? I’d love to have you!