Lessons from a wild ride 🎢

You guys. It’s been a WHILE.

With 50 days left to go in 2019, I figured it was high time to re-connect and bring you up to speed on the what’s been going on over here.

Ready? (With a ☕️ in hand, perhaps?)

Here we go.

I started 2019 with the goal of expanding my reach and impact online (through my free training, Master Your Message and paid course Copy That Connects) – mostly because I thought creating passive income was the only way to grow my business to the point where I wanted it to be.

So, between January and June, I spent a *ton* of time, effort and money (keepin’ it real) building a funnel – and on Facebook ads to fill it.

People got on board – including many of you.

Several hundred participated in my free training and many joined the course.

Yay, right? Yeah, not so much.

Even once I’d built some momentum, I felt major discomfort about the whole thing.

I expected the initial wave of nerves (which I chalked it up to good old imposter syndrome) to dissipate with time and progress, but the exact opposite happened: with every passing week I felt more stressed and unsure than ever.

Meanwhile, an interesting thing happened: my one-on-one business went gangbusters.

I was:

  • Attracting more ‘perfect fit’ clients than ever before
  • Getting paid fairly for my work, and
  • Feeling super fulfilled as a result

Awesome – but also ironic considering how focused I was on that dang funnel…

Around mid-year, I realized – to my shock and delight – that I was tracking towards the financial goal I had set for myself through my one-on-one work alone, which had felt impossible just six months earlier.

After much soul-searching, I listened to my gut and pulled the plug on the funnel.

I felt immediate relief and have zero regret about that decision – but I have spent lots of time thinking about WHY it came to that.

The answer became clear in a conversation with my new business coach: my zone of genius/interest/passion is the human side of this gig.

I love connecting with entrepreneurs one-on-one, figuring out who they are, what makes them tick, why they started their business and how they want to grow it – and turning all that into words that feel authentic and connect with the right people on (you guessed it) a human level.

So it’s no wonder that the world of online business felt out of alignment for me.

MYM and CTC and aren’t going anywhere – I put a ton of heart, soul and valuable info into them and believe in them wholeheartedly.

But, as of September, my focus is squarely on growing the part of my business that lights me up and makes me want to get out of bed in the morning: my one-on-one work.

And you know what? It feels really freaking good.

All to say that 2019 has been a wild ride that – in a roundabout way – has landed me exactly where I need to be.

The ups and downs and twists and turns taught me a lot – but above all that:

✨ alignment is critical for success ✨
✨ the universe will point you in the right direction (if you let it) ✨

I look forward to continuing the conversation – about entrepreneurship and connecting about business in a human way – with a new sense of clarity and purpose.

As we look ahead to a new decade, here’s to embracing the journey, looking for the lessons – and enjoying the ride ✌️