Web Copy

As Donald Miller says on page TWO of his book, Building a Story Brand:

“Pretty websites don’t sell things. Words sell things.” 

A beautiful website will absolutely help attract the right customers and create a professional impression – but if you don’t back it up with great copy, it simply won’t convert.

Which is why nailing your site content should be entrepreneurial priority numero uno.

Once you have a site with copy that’s clear, compelling and perfectly YOU, you will attract more dream customers (and make more moolah as a result).

You’ll have key messages to draw from for countless other things – and can also expect to feel much more confident talking about your business, knowing that you have solid messaging to back you up, and a place you’re proud to send potential leads.

Below are the standard packages I offer to get you to this euphoric place (ha). If you’re not sure what you need – or want to discuss a custom package for a larger/more complex site, click here to talk it through on a free consult.


Strategic edit PACKAGE

For those who want to take an existing site (or DIY draft) to the next level. We’ll tighten, clean and punch it up so that it’s crystal clear, reflects your voice and speaks to your customer.

A 90-minute information-gathering meeting

A content tune-up for up to 2500 words of site content

Two rounds of edits

Investment: $1700


For those who are creating a website for the first time – or want to start fresh. This package gets you a site worth of professionally-written original copy that’s clear, customer-focused and perfectly YOU.

A 90-minute information gathering meeting

Recommended site and homepage architecture

Five pages (/roughly 2500 words) of original, authentic copy

Unlimited edits

Input/suggestions related to brand name/tagline

Investment: $2700


Click the image below for full details about my Web Copy ‘Template & Tune-Up’ package which includes a step-by-step guide you’ll use to write the copy for every section of your site’s core pages (Home, About, Work With Me/Services & Contact) – with zero guess-work, copy angst or wasted time. When you’re finished you’ll send your draft to me for a final edit. The best of both worlds – and a fantastic way to achieve professional copy on a budget! 


Web Copy FAQ

Q: Can you help me with additional pages (or other things) once our project is complete?

A: You bet! Once your project is complete, I can help you with a wide variety of smaller things – from hourly packages for editing and strategic input to additional sections of copy for your page to email funnels, etc. Because I’m already up to speed on your offering, voice and goals, getting these smaller projects done is fast and easy – and ensures a consistent brand voice across all your material (win/win!)

Q: What happens in a project kick-off meeting?

A: These meetings (which are part of strategic edits and original copy packages) take place via zoom, are lengthy informal chats. I’ll ask all kinds of questions about your business, your goals, your customer and YOU (while taking furious notes). I’m also paying attention to your language, style, vibe and personality so I can reflect that in your copy – because an authentic, human voice is SO important in this noisy world – and a critical ingredient of copy that connects and converts.

Q: What’s your writing style?

A: My style is completely different depending on the client because my goal is to reflect your voice and vibe. That said, my overall goal is – always – to create connection with your reader because THIS is what makes someone want to read on, get to know you and, ultimately, become a loyal customer. I do this by making sure your copy is CLEAR (because confusing someone is the fastest way to lose them!), AUTHENTIC (because business is human and people want to work with, and buy from, people – not nameless, faceless entities), and CUSTOMER-FOCUSED (because your customers are most interested in what you can do for them).  If you’d like to take a peek at some of my past projects – and just how different this recipe can look from one business to the next – click here.

Q: What’s the difference between a website and a sales page? Which do I need?

A: Great question. A website is for a business whereas a sales page is for a single product, course, membership group or other (often high-ticket) item you want people to buy from you online.

Websites have multiple pages whereas sales pages present all the information about a single offering on one long, multi-sectioned page. Often, businesses will have a website AND sales page(s) (mine included). If you want help figuring out what you need, how they fit together – or want to discuss a project that includes both web copy and sales page copy, click here to book a complimentary consult and we can talk it through.

If you’d like to discuss what’s possible for your site (or a separate project altogether!), click here to talk it through.