Web Copy

As Donald Miller says on page TWO of his book, Building a Story Brand: “Pretty websites don’t sell things. Words sell things.” 

A beautiful website will absolutely help attract the right customers and create a professional impression – but if you don’t back it up with great copy, it simply won’t convert.

Once you have a site with copy that’s clear, compelling and perfectly YOU, you will attract more dream customers (and make more moolah as a result). You can also expect to feel much more confident talking about your business, knowing that you have solid messaging to back you up, and a place you’re proud to send potential leads.

Also, since your web copy covers everything, you can pull from and repurpose it for countless other applications, so the investment will pay for itself many times over.

Here are the standard packages I offer to get you to this euphoric place (ha). Custom packages are available for larger/more complex sites – please feel free to reach out to discuss your unique needs.

‘Tune Up’ Package
Investment: $1700
  • For those who want to take an existing site (or DIY draft) to the next level. We’ll tighten, clean and punch it up so that it’s crystal clear, reflects your voice and speaks to your customer. Includes:
  • A 90-minute information-gathering meeting
  • Recommended site and homepage architecture adjustments (if applicable)
  • A content tune-up for up to 2500 words of site content
  • Two rounds of edits
'From Scratch' Package
Investment: $2700
  • For those who are creating a website for the first time – or want to start fresh. This package gets you a site worth of original copy that’s clear, customer-focused and perfectly YOU. Includes: 
  • A 90-minute information gathering meeting
  • Recommended site and homepage architecture
  • Five pages (/roughly 2500 words) of original, authentic copy
  • Unlimited edits
  • Input/suggestions related to brand name/tagline (if required/desired)


If you’d like to discuss what’s possible for your site (or a separate project altogether!), click here to talk it through.